Productive Time Workshop

To Maximize Employee Potential, Productivity and Time

According to research, in an eight-hour day, workers are productive for an average of 90 minutes. The rest of the time is wasted with interruptions such as: emails, phone calls, meetings, people, unplanned tasks and more.

In this one-day, fun and interactive workshop, learn more about time than you’ve ever learned.

Learn about time-blocking, scheduling, blank space and other creative skills you can apply to your company. You’ll learn how to save at least two hours a day and minimize the stress that comes with that feeling of: ‘too much to do, too little time.’

This arts-based workshop will use art to demonstrate the effects of time-poverty and show you how to minimize the interruptions, get focused and get the right things done.

Our workshops are designed to focus on objectives such as:
Stress reduction and relaxation, time management tips, productivity, problem-solving and more. Each workshop (also called a play-shop) includes hands-on art challenges to provide participants with a chance to utilize their time better.

What outcomes you’ll get from the workshops:
Stress reduction, reduced employee absenteeism, motivated employees, rise in performance, more productivity, focus and a better understanding of time and how to manage it effectively.

Workshops range from 2-4 hours and we’ll tailor them to suit your organization

For more information, contact Lisa at Escape the Pace®