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VANCOUVER BC October 15, 2005 — Vancouver Island author, Lisa Rickwood, wants everyone to slow down and eat with family at the dinner table. Rickwood is a passionate supporter of Take Back Your Time Day held annually on October 24.

Take Back Your Time is a major initiative in the US and Canada which challenges our current societal trends of overwork, over-scheduling and the resulting time famine most North Americans face on a daily basis. This year the focus is on getting time-stressed families back to the dinner table so they can reconnect with each other.

According to statistics, the average North American family is lucky to have one or two meals together a week. With busy work schedules and extra-curricular activities for children, meals are often put on the backburner while families dash from activity to activity. There is a downside to this frantic way of life – children get depressed, disconnected and schoolwork suffers.

It’s been proven that spending time around a dinner table helps to bond families together – this activity dates back thousands of years. Lisa came across many surprising statistics while researching her book, Escape the Pace: 100 Fun and Easy Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Your Life.

Although Rickwood currently co-owns a high-end menswear store with her husband and is a business coach for small business owners, she finds time to sit at the table with her husband and sons a few times a week. Lisa knows about the challenge to have meals together but believes strongly that having meals together creates reconnection – something that’s lacking in today’s hectic society.

“Time is the only resource we can’t get back and precious moments with our family are fleeting,” Lisa says. She has been a regular contributor to Woman’s World and is co-author of, Power and Soul. Lisa Rickwood runs an online site and e-zine and is a resource to the media.

Escape the Pace® is a website that offers resources, articles, work-life coaching and a complimentary e-zine filled with practical stress relief tips for busy people. Visit: www.escapethepace.com


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Lisa Rickwood, BFA, CTACC

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