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VANCOUVER, B.C. April 17 2006 — Vancouver Island author Lisa Rickwood wants everyone to stop what they’re doing and take a break. She says the average North American worked 36.4 more hours in 2002 than they did a decade earlier and on average 3 hours more per week than their European counterparts. Lisa came across many surprising statistics while researching her book, Escape the Pace: 100 Fun and Easy Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Your Life.

“There are countless ways a person can slow down and take stock of their life,” advises Rickwood. “One can do anything from spending a few minutes for deep-breathing exercises at their desk to taking a scenic walk on their lunch break.” It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to start taking better care of you.

In addition to her research, Rickwood has unique insight based on her own personal experiences living a lifestyle that required superhuman work hours and took time away from her family. She speaks to businesses and organizations with passion about her vision, and is a regular contributor to several Vancouver Island publications, as well as a resource to the media.

Escape the Pace has evolved beyond her “how-to” guide to an extensive website,, offering a line of products designed to support her philosophy of calming down and taking time for oneself. “My personal favorite are the escape cards, designed as a friendly reminder to take a break and relax,” Rickwood says. “I could have used such a reminder when I was rushing through life at breakneck speed.”

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Escape the Pace® is dedicated to helping people slow down, relax and enjoy life. The company offers business coaching, speaking engagements, self-care seminars, books, Tele-seminars and online resources to individuals and organizations. Owner and author, Lisa Rickwood, established the company in 2002.


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