Escape the Pace : 100 Fun and Easy Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Your Life (E-Book)


Author: Lisa Rickwood
Publisher: Escape The Pace®, 2003.
Edition/Format: E Book : English
Database: WorldCat
Subjects Stress Management
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Product Description

A Transformative Book to Take You from ‘Chaos to Calm…’

Are you exhausted, stressed and in need of a break?

If your life seems to spin faster and faster and you can’t catch your breath, you may be in need of an ‘instant vacation!’

Lisa Rickwood understands what it means to be overwhelmed. She was co-owner of a business with her husband, had two little children, managed the household and worked on a coaching company on the side. Burnout was something she experienced.

If you’re tired of feeling stressed and tired, you’ll want this book to learn:

  • 9 Quiet Ways to De-Stress and Get Immediately Focused
  • 10 Mental Strategies to Increase Your Productivity
  • 8 Calming Rituals to Instantly Relax You
  • 12 Fun and Exciting Mini Vacations to Inspire and Calm You
  • 10 Mini Retreats for Home or Work
  • 11 Cozy Home Strategies to Improve Your Sanity
  • 5 ‘Escapist’ Tips to Help You Excel at Relationship and much more!