About Lisa Rickwood

Lisa Rickwood Stress Relief ConsultantLisa Rickwood, BFA, CPCC, was inspired to write her first book after an employee died in a store that she helped her husband manage.

The stress of this event, working six days a week, and being the mother of two small children was simply too much. Lisa was sick for an entire year before she realized it was stress-related. After a few years of research, she wrote articles and then produced her first book, Escape the Pace: 100 Fun and Easy Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Your Life.

This event forever changed the path of Lisa’s life and she was motivated to help others cope properly with positive and negative stress. She continues to write articles and was a regular feature writer in such publications as: Woman’s World (Stress Management Section).

She writes for numerous online and offline publications and is a frequent radio and television guest. And, Lisa is also the co-author of: Power & Soul: 42 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets for Creating the Business and Life of Their Dreams.

Lisa is a wife and mother, and is aware of the demands of juggling work and family. This experience helps her be a resource and inspiration to others faced with numerous challenges.

When not working with clients, you’ll find Lisa enjoying the great outdoors, exercising, spending time with family and friends and writing and creating artwork in her studio.